Alex Saar

January 10, 2019

Alex Saar started seeing spirits at the age of eight and she has worked to follow her calling and fine-tune her abilities to communicate with spirit. She bridges the gap between the physical world and the world in our loved ones who have passed live. She deliver heavenly messages from loved ones that can bring you peace and reassurance.

Never having communicated with a medium, I was eager to get on a call with Alex. She has a bright and electric personality, which is warm and comforting. She explained how she communicates with spirit and she may mention things that don’t resonate now, but may resonate after.

Once she began, my grandpa on my mom’s side came through. She gave me many validating aspects that made me know he was there. From there, he brought forward my grandma. Together, they made me know I was on the right path and that they watch over me. Overall, it’s comforting knowing our loved ones are still with us and supporting us.

Now, you can meet with Alex on January 14th from 7 – 9 pm at Heavenly Messages! Head to the Corner Biergarten in Fuquay-Varina and meet with Alex to connect with the people who have passed in your life.

By Whitney

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