June 26, 2018

Think you have tried every workout out there? Think again! HOTWORX, a virtually instructed exercise program performed in an infrared sauna that fits up to three people, just hit Raleigh! HOTWORX uses 3D training: heat, infrared, and exercise, to get you a quick, full body workout. The heat causes your body temperature to rise creating an anabolic effect that speeds up your metabolism and the heated workout takes less time for you to warm up to begin your workout. The infrared energy helps to accelerate your workout recovery. Two forms of exercise work well inside of the HOTWORX infrared sauna- Isometrics and HIIT. During a 30-minute isometric workout or 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session, infrared heat penetrates your body causing you to sweat. Both workouts are virtual classes on screens inside the saunas. The 30-minute isometric workouts include Hot ISO (Isometric Compression Postures), Hot Pilates, Hot Yoga, Hot Buns (Focus on the Glutes), Hot Roll (Self-Myofascial Release with a Foam Roller), Hot Core (abs, hips, and lower back), Hot Warrior (advanced Hot Iso), and Hot Zen (meditate your way). The 15-minute HIIT sessions include Hot Cycle and Hot Row + Chest and Leg Press.

I tried the Hot Cycle followed by the Hot Pilates. By only being 15 minutes, my cycle class was quick and had me sweating. The cycling was a great warm up before heading into Pilates, which kicked my butt. It’s a tough workout that takes you through core strengthening exercises in 120 degree heat. (I felt that workout the next day). Overall, when I was done with my workouts, I felt like I had pushed my body to its limit in a small amount of time. Perfect for busy people (and who isn’t busy these days?), the gym is open 24/7, and classes are quick and run through out the day, so there is minimal wait time. With HOTWORX, you will be sweating, detoxing, and getting fit in no time.

By Whitney

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