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December 20, 2017

My friend, Brandon Arend is a 38 year old songwriter from a rising rock band that was diagnosed with an aggressive rare form of testicular cancer in June 2015. He fought It and won. He also wrote songs that were uplifting and inspirational, that saved his soul while he was sick. His body and mind were severely damaged from the treatments and it has taken two years of recovery to to have the emotional and physical strength to ask you to help raise money for the LiveStrong Foundation . He believes that selling a great record fro his band, Delta, for charity as a platform for cancer awareness will raise more money for the fight against cancer and give something more positive to those afflicted.

What your donation can do:

Donate $20 and under:
You will get a digital download acoustic demo of a song from the album we are making, plus your name in the donor credits of the album on our website. On a weekly basis, Brandon will update you about the opportunities your donation(s) have contributed to this project.

Donate $30:
You will receive two digital download of the songs “Fully Loaded” and “Downtowner”  from Delta’s previously recorded album, the acoustic demo, and your name in the donor credits of the album on their website. On a weekly basis, Brandon will update you about the opportunities your donation(s) have contributed to this project.

Donate $50: 
Brandon will give you two digital downloads of the songs “Fully Loaded” and “Downtowner” from Delta’s previously recorded album, the acoustic demo, one yellow wristband from Livestrong Foundation, a picture of you posted in the Donor Hall of Fame feature on the website and a digital download of the album when it is finished!

Donate $75:
You will receive a digital download of the whole 4-song EP “All of the Sudden….” Previously recorded by Delta, a page of hand written lyrics of a song for the upcoming album signed by Brandon, a special behind the scenes photograph of the recording sessions, and a digital download of the completed album.

Donate $100:
You’ll be mailed a physical copy of the completed benefit record signed by Brandon, a personal thank you card for your donation, receive the digital EP, two acoustic demos, one yellow wristband from the LiveStrong foundation, a page of handwritten lyrics, the special photograph, a something secret!

Donate over $150:
You will get all the above plus a special invitation to visit the music studio during a recording session to meet Delta while recording one of the album’s songs and play or sing something on the track! They will have a video of your visit uploaded to their site!

If you have any suggestions and or wish to make a custom donation, please don’t hesitate to contact Brandon!

Check out the 1st song demo for the upcoming album!

Album Song List:
1. Fooligan
2. Simon Says
3. Obsequious
4. The Simple Life
5. On My Own
6. Bye Bye Birdie
7. Run Round
8. Should Have Known Better
9. Living Rock N Roll
10. Come And Take Me Away
11. Blue Jean Baby
12. Another Wasted Day

Your Funds will help pay for:

-Cd Replication of CDs & Shipping
-Studio Rental Costs for Recording Rooms and Mix Rooms
-Production and Engineering for the Record
-Album Artwork & Layout
-Video Production & Additional Photography
-Digital Distribution
-Promotional Materials Such as: (Buttons, Stickers & T-Shirts)
-Go Fund Me fees (for processing pledges) – Approximately 7.9% of total + .30 cents per Transaction

*Note: Donations to this fundraiser are considered gifts to raise money to create the album. Brandon is making a product that will sell to then raise money for the Livestrong Cancer Foundation by way of portion of the sales and royalty earnings collected by Tunecore Distribution to iTunes and ASCAP, Inc. for performance royalties.

By Whitney

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